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Moringa business Plan Development

Moringa business plan development

Moringa business plan development fodder

Moringa 037

These documents gives a good overview of Business Plan development for different production systems of Moringa, including the production of leave powder, seed production and fodder. The user can use this information to guide them while creating a business plan.

The business plans generally consist of:

General overview of Moringa ( Horticultural aspects as well as current production)
Production plan including job creation, processing etc. ( developed to client’s needs)
Seedling production plan
Economic model/plan including financials ( needed for funding)
Marketing overview and potential


Moringa Crop Budget

Moringa Crop Budget article

This article gives an overview of the crop budget and its structure. The crop budget is important to determine the viability op the enterprise.
The Crop Budget is a cash flow model that summarizes the direct cost and income associated with the production of a crop with a specific production system, on a specific size of land, over time. It is a useful tool to study the sustainability of a specific production system and to compare different production systems.
The Crop Budget is a financial planning tool that forms the basis of the economic model and business plan.
The Crop Budget can give a good indication of the Gross profitability of a specific production system.


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