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Do you need a financial planning tool for Moringa farming?

If you are planning to farm moringa commercially, this page might be one of the most important documents you will ever read.

Does any of the following sound familiar ?

  • I need a cost/income analyzes for moringa production.
  • I need yield predictions for strategic planning of my marketing and sales.
  • I need a cash flow projection for moringa production.
  • I need an economic analysis for a business plan or for finance purposes.
  • I have spend hours on the web looking for applicable information with limited success.
  • I need a financial planning tool.
  • I am at a loss at were to start.

We have the SOLUTION !!!!!!!


The Crop Budget isĀ  a cash flow model that summarizes the direct cost and income associated with the production of Moringa with a specific production system, on a specific size of land, over time. It is a useful tool to study the sustainability of a specific production system and to compare different production systems. The crop Budget is a financial planning tool that forms the basis of the economic model and business plan.The crop budget can give a good indication of the Gross profitability of a specific production system. developed a simple cut and paste ( fill the blanks) Moringa Crop Budget that is easy to use and inexpensive. The User does not need to have any horticultural , excel or financial expertise. Only determine a couple of cost and price assumptions, and fill this into the model. This system can save the user hours in time and hundreds of dollars. For more information follow the link: Moringa Crop budget


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